Desktop Jukebox FAQ’s

General FAQ:

What is Desktop Jukebox?

The Desktop Jukebox is an internet based system for accessing broadcast quality recordings that can be auditioned online and downloaded directly to your desktop.

What do I use Desktop Jukebox for?

To source music for legitimate business use. This service is not to be used for personal or commercial use.  For further details, please refer to the Terms of Use.

Can external customers use Desktop Jukebox?

Yes. External customers working on BBC content can apply for an account. Once approved by a BBC Authoriser accounts last 6 months. Reminder / renewal emails go out towards the end of the 6 month period.

Applications from external customers not working on BBC content will be declined.

You do not need access to the BBC Network to use Desktop Jukebox.

Can I still borrow a physical CD?

Only if it is not on Desktop Jukebox. If this is the case, you can order via the BBC Archives Music Page (BBC staff only) or by emailing Archives Music Library or calling 020 776 51333

Grams Material (other than classical music) can be uploaded to Desktop Jukebox if requested, subject to deadline.

What does this mean for the BBC Grams Library?

The library will still be available for physical CD's when they cannot be sourced via Desktop Jukebox (see above). The online Library itself can still be used to view and order via BBC Archives Music Page (BBC staff only). External customers please contact Grams Research via email / phone details below. Access to music will be via Desktop Jukebox or Archives' central library. (Refer to question 'can I still borrow a physical CD?')

For Music Research and advice, you can still speak to a Grams Researcher via the usual channels:

Email: Archives Music Library 020 776 51333

How often is new content added to Desktop Jukebox?

New chart releases are added on to the system every week, as well as individual requests made by users on a daily basis. Material is uploaded from the Grams collection regularly.

How do I get a recording that is not on Desktop Jukebox?

Check to see if the CD is held on the BBC Archives Music Page (BBC staff only) and order online or in the case of a critical CD, or external customers, phone Grams Research on 020 776 51333. Grams material (other than classical music) can be uploaded to Desktop Jukebox if requested, subject to deadline.

Alternatively you can make the request via the Feedback button.

If I want a track that is only on vinyl how do I get it?

It is not currently possible to upload music on vinyl directly to Desktop Jukebox. Grams Research can arrange electronic delivery of material to BBC staff and external customers. The standard turnaround for a free service is 3-5 working days, dependent on volume of orders.

Is Desktop Jukebox available 24/7?

Yes. Online service available 24/7 but the help desk and digitisation on demand are only available in office hours, 0930-1900 Monday to Friday.

Can I access it at home or from any computer?  

Yes - Refer to terms and conditions for conditions of use.

Are there titles on Desktop Jukebox that you cannot buy on CD?

Desktop Jukebox will endeavour to add digital only releases when this occurs.

How is the sound quality compared to a CD?

It's exactly the same. Files are delivered in the same technical format as on CD (44.1 kHz minimum sample rate, 16 bit uncompressed, with no encryption).

Can I download recordings from Desktop Jukebox for my own use?

No. This contravenes the Terms of Use of the service and may result in the termination of your account.

Can I share content?

Only in the context of legitimate business use.

How do I get a password for Desktop Jukebox?

You need to register with Desktop Jukebox when visiting the home page for the first time at:

Please note that you will be required to enter an Authoriser's name (your manager) and email address. This person will be responsible for confirming your eligibility for use of Desktop Jukebox. External customers will be asked to select an Authorising Department within the BBC, and nominate a BBC contact who can vouch that they're working on BBC content.

Can someone else use my login/password?

No. This contravenes the Terms of Use of the service and may result in the termination of your account.

What if I have forgotten my password?

Enter Desktop Jukebox, click on 'Send Reminder' then add your email address and your password will be sent to your email account.

Can a freelancer get a password?

Yes, at the discretion of their line manager.

It is the responsibility of the line manager to notify Desktop Jukebox via email of the length of time the account is needed for and when an account is no longer needed.

Who do I contact for help?

For assistance with this service or to report a problem please contact the helpdesk on 020 776 51333 or e-mail

How do I send feedback?

Simply click on the feedback link that appears on the top and bottom of each page on Desktop Jukebox.

What is this Feedback link for?

All feedback on the site, both positive and negative. System enhancement ideas, for future releases. Requesting tracks that are not on the service

Rights / Clearance FAQ:

If a Commercial recording is on Desktop Jukebox does this mean I have the right to use it in my production?

No. Desktop Jukebox is only a method of delivering broadcast quality music to your desktop it does not give you automatic clearance rights to the music.

Who do I need to contact to sort out copyright?

All Commercial Music intended for broadcast must be cleared prior to tx. Some can be cleared automatically under the BBC's Blanket Agreement. The BBC's Music Copyright team has produced guidelines on music clearance and reporting. For BBC Staff this is the relevant part of the Production Toolkit. For external customers here are the relevant parts of the Commissioning information for Radio and TV.

Do I need to clear the copyright when I have used less than 30 seconds of a Commercial recording?

Yes. See Music Copyright guidelines above.

Do we need any licenses or agreements to add Commercial music on our website?

All Commercial music must be cleared, see Music Copyright guidelines above.

Do I need to clear Production Music?

No, but you must check that the Library/Label appears on the PRS Production Music Libraries list. If it doesn't please contact Music Copyright, see contact links in guidelines above.

The music details necessary for reporting can be accessed via the blue symbol on the right hand side of each track. Please see question below for details on the music reporting process.

Do I need to fill in the Music Reporting form for any recordings downloaded?

Music Reporting forms will only be needed for any recordings you broadcast.

Where can I find the copyright details for the Commercial recording I have used?

Music Reporting forms will only be needed for any recordings you broadcast. Information for BBC Staff can be found here. External customers please refer to Music Copyright guidelines above.

Technical FAQ:

What are the hardware and software requirements?

Hardware requirements are an internet enabled PC. There are no special software requirements as the service is accessed via a website; an imbedded flash player is used when 'Auditioning' songs.

In what format is the music streamed?

Preview copies of the recordings are streamed as 64 kb/s, mono MP3 files.

The downloaded files are broadcast quality (44.1 kHz minimum sample rate, 16 bit uncompressed, with no encryption).

How do I log in?

Simply visit the Desktop Jukebox homepage and click where it says 'Log In'.

How many simultaneous users can access the library?

We do not anticipate a problem with simultaneous users.

How reliable is the service?

The system will be available at all times.

Any scheduled downtime will be communicated on Desktop Jukebox's front page.

How long does it take to download a broadcast quality recording?

Broadcast quality files can be very large (approx 10 megabytes per-minute of music and these could take a few minutes to download). Download times will depend on a number of factors such as the amount of traffic on the network, your hardware and available bandwidth for your network.

What technical support do you offer?

If the problem is network based contact your local IT support or Atos.

If you are experiencing a technical problem contact the helpdesk on 020 776 51333 or e-mail

What do I do if I get the message "Login Failed......"?

If you have forgotten your password then you can click on the 'Forgot Password' link, you will then need to enter the email address you used to sign up with, we will then send you a new password. If the system says that your account has expired, or has become inactive after a long period without use, you will need to contact the helpdesk team on 020 776 51333 or e-mail